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SAN Refrigeration has, for a number of years, been the preferred Refrigeration Contractor across Sub-Saharan Africa for a select customer base.

Through consistent quality and on time delivery of our installations, we have managed to forge relationships of trust between ourselves and our customers.

Above and beyond the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and maintenance operations we provide we also offer a comprehensive export/shipping division which covers all of our clients relevant documentation and transport requirements.

In turn, this has led to an increased market share in our areas of expertise.

The scope of our Mechanical Services is based on each project’s in-depth needs & requirements assessment.

  • All Refrigeration HVAC Installations, Maintenance and Services are done to SANS 10147:2009.
  • All Installations comply with South African Standard OSHAC.
  • We utilize and conform to International Site Safety Standards and Risk Management Disciplines.
  • We adhere to International Regulations HCFC 2037/2000 w.r.t. greenhouse gases.
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