The list of installations carrying our name, expertise and products is long. At SAN Air we are not just content with developing and manufacturing components, we deliver a system or a customized solution to fit the customer’s particular need for ventilating a building or space, and we aim at doing it as energy-efficient as possible, so that the environmental footprint is kept to a minimum and the total cost of ownership is both foreseeable and minimized.

Whether it is a matter of finding the ideal way for air to enter the structure, be exhausted from the structure, or be circulated inside the structure, SAN Air has the answer to your ventilation needs.

Ventilation is one of SAN Air's core businesses with far ranging experience from ventilating plants, office complexes, restaurants and other recreational areas, livestock structures and greenhouses, offshore platforms and down to vessel engine rooms and ice rinks.
We are committed to providing the highest quality, highest performing products, backed by industry leading customer service, to exceed customer expectations worldwide.