• Refrigeration Solutions
    for Africa


We are specialists in Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Monitoring and Maintenance incorporating all of the major supplier brand names.


SAN Refrigeration is a leading stakeholder at the forefront of improving energy demands on Refrigeration Installations. This practice of continual improvement is our commitment to ensure that our customers are getting the best option available for reducing their operating cost and limiting the impact on natural resources.


Besides technical advances in design on refrigeration technology, optimum operational efficiencies, other major contributors to the improved efficiency include:


High-Performance Refrigeration Plant

Designed specifically for each application to allow for optimum efficiency including heat rejection and airflow distribution. Selection of equipment is of paramount importance to reduce energy consumption, operational costs, heat loads and maximise operational efficiency.


Electronic Management Systems

Generally required by design parameters and application requirements, the options on offer range from basic shelf temperature control to product core temperature demand. Together with electronic expansion valves, probes and management system it allows for the accurate control of cooling demands per application, thereby ensuring desired operating temperatures without using excessive and unnecessary energy to do so.


SAN Refrigeration caters for the following:

  • Ammonia Centralized Plants
  • Evaporative and Water Cooled Condensers
  • Compressors, Condensers and Evaporators
  • Heat Exchanger Units
  • Electric, Electronic and Pneumatic Controls
  • Domestic and Commercial Units
  • Cold and Freezer Rooms
  • Degreening Rooms
  • Air Drying Installations
  • Containerized Refrigeration Plants
  • All-Weather Refrigeration Packaged Units
  • Computerised Monitoring Systems
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Chillers

Ancillary Equipment for the above-mentioned installations.


On completion of any installation, our Service Division offers our Clients peace of mind by way of dedicated service staff to maintain the client’s equipment and systems. Feedback is given by way of web accessed service reports and quotation systems allowing easy authorization and data collection solutions to our clients.

  • Shopright
  • Omicore
  • shatter prufe
  • Coega Dairy
  • Coca Cola
  • checkers
  • spar
  • Distell
  • Game
  • Clover
  • Willard Batteries
  • Afrox
  • SAB