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    for Africa

Quality Assurance 

Under a total Quality Management System of the Group, SAN Group has combined professionalism and excellence to build on its strengths to fulfill all expectations from our clients. We have a great and yet expanding team of Customer Service and System Maintenance professionals to fully support the operation of HVAC plants. "Customer Satisfaction" via continuous improvement is always our goal.


The SAN Group offers the installation and maintenance of various leading brand Air Conditioning Systems and Commercial HVAC Plant and Equipment. We are in a position to provide these services throughout Sub-Saharan Africa for our select group of clients.


What makes our Group so unique is the fact that we are able to co-ordinate our Electro-Mechanical services and project teams from a central base of operations, where Manufacture, Logistics, Technical Staff and Resources can be directed to site at the most cost effective rate to the client.

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