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SAN Training

We develops our market offering by utilizing and millennial training program that suggests that by the time members are qualified their qualification is already outdated and they lack practical work experience.


As such we strive to upskill our team members for our very survival.


The following are some of the current skills development and training programs we offer:


SAN Workplace Training Facility


SAN Technicians are kept updated with regular trade exams and tests, and are always willing to help and go the extra mile to ensure quality installations and service/maintenance.


SAN training offers merSETA apprenticeship programs and in-house training.

This includes:



  • Duct erection
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Test and balance
  • Principles of Air Conditioning
  • Basic electrical and electronics
  • Refrigerant properties
  • Oil Properties
  • VRV air conditioners
  • Residential air conditioning and heating
  • Commercial air conditioning and heating

For Refrigeration

  • Principles of refrigeration
  • Residential refrigeration appliances
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Simplex/multiplex refrigeration systems
  • Chill water systems
  • Water towers
  • Self-contained commercial refrigerators and freezers
  • Commercial ice machines
  • Basic electricity and electronics
  • Pipe welding and fitting

General Training

  • Site management
  • Pressurized vessels
  • Forklift operation and safety
  • First Aid
  • Safety practices
  • Scaffold erecting
  • Scaffold and tool inspection
  • Tools needed for installation, repair and preventive maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

OFT Student Support and Digital Learnership Program


Our HCD department strives to identify our employee’s children who are confronted with financial challenges when striving to complete their initial schooling and related academic studies. Assistance is provided annually to provide avenues for the students that require educational options, technical skills and potential careers within our Group.

Assistance available is as follows:

  • Apprenticeships,
  • Business plan review and Seed Capital Assistance, 
  • Online access to learning and Curricular content.

OFT Staff Business Incubation Program


We attempt to aid our various budding entrepreneurs to enter the industry based on receiving a digital Business Proposal for consideration by our OFT Business development team. Once vetted, successful Proposals received may trigger a Seed Capital loan, Partnership proposal, Mentorship or development program.

OFT Online Knowledge Portal


Our OFT Knowledge Portal’s objective is to update and maintain a dedicated site that provides updated and factual Resources, Information, Thought Leading Opinion and Innovative Articles to assist any user searching for Knowledge and how to access Free Educational links to qualify themselves affordably.

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